Tips For Storing High-Quality Bread


Bread can be an important ingredient for many different dishes that you may make. Unfortunately, bread can spoil extremely quickly if it is not properly stored. In order to keep your high-quality bread fresh for as long as possible, there are several basic steps that can greatly extend the shelf life of your fresh bread.  

Avoid Keeping The Bread In The Refrigerator

It can be common for individuals to assume that they will be able to extend the life of their bread by keeping it in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, this can actually greatly shorten the shelf life of the bread. This occurs due to the cold air in the refrigerator being extremely dry. This can extract much of the moisture that is in the bread, which may cause it to become stale. As opposed to storing the bread in the refrigerator, you should place the bread in a cool and dark area of the kitchen as this will help to prevent mold from growing without causing the bread to become excessively dry.

Minimize The Amount Of Moisture In The Area Around The Bread

While it is important to prevent the bread from getting too dry, it is also necessary to minimize the amount of moisture that is around the bread. Too much moisture can allow mold to start growing on the bread. In particular, you will want to avoid keeping the bread near the kitchen sink, fish tanks or other sources of water.

Keep The Bread Thoroughly Wrapped While Storing It

Some people will make the mistake of having the habit of failing to close the bread when they are done using it. This can allow the air around the bread to dry out the moisture in it. Many of the wrappers that protect bread will offer minimal protection against this issue once they have been opened. You can help to avoid this problem by wrapping the bread packaging in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Storing bread, such as artisan bread, is a task that everyone will need to do at some point or another. Failing to correctly store bread can cause it to rapidly degrade to a point where you can no longer use it. If you understand that storing the bread in the refrigerator can greatly reduce its shelf life, the dangers of storing the bread near a source of water and the benefits of wrapping the bread packaging in aluminum or plastic, keeping your bread fresh will be far easier. 


18 July 2017

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